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The traditions of Atlantis and Lemuria, or of ancient original civilizations, are present in the cultures and habits of pretty much all of the world today. Here Prof. Santos can showcase the many articles he wrote in the more than 30 years of research regarding many different topics that at first hand may not be related, but indeed hint at the existence of a common civilizing origin pertaining the cultures of the entire world.


A New Theory on the Origin of the Alphabet

Very nice Postulation done by the Prof. on a very possible Origin of the Alphabet.

ABRACADABRA and The Origin of Magic

The strange word – ABRACADABRA – is perhaps one of the most intriguing magical formulas in use anywhere. Despite this fact, its meaning and origin are still hotly debated. Some affirm that the word’s origin is Persian, and that the formula was used in an amuletic connection, that is, for apotropaic purposes. Indeed, the word is often figured in philacteries, forming a triangle

Did a Nuclear War End Atlantis? (I)

Prof. Santos Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics here demonstrates a very likely possibility of the Pleistocene having ended as the aftermath of a Nuclear Explosion. First of a series of articles the Prof. wrote on this subject.

Did a Nuclear War End Atlantis? (II)

The continuation of the Professor's unfinished work on ancient auclear power.

The Source of Measures

Prof. Arysio N. dos Santos Ph.D.

In one of his earlier works Prof. Arysio here debates the origin of how measurements were used in the ancient days and how there is a connection with measurements from the ancient Pyramids and the rest of the world ultimately represented with the Paideuma of many civilizations.

File size:  730kb Publication Date:  prior to 1999

The Magic of Numbers

Prof. Arysio N. dos Santos Ph.D.

Another one of Prof.'s early works, here he debates the importance of numerology in order to decipher the ancient sacred texts.

File size:  550kb Publication Date:  prior to 1999