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With hundreds of articles written, and roughly 30 thousand pages of documented Research, Prof. Arysio N. dos Santos Ph.D. left an immense library of his more than 30 years of dedicated research on Atlantis. Sadly Professor Santos passed away before being able to publish all of his works, which are now finally in order of being restored and published to the public (If you would like to contribute to this precious cause please visit our Research and Expedition Campaign).

 Some of the freely published articles posted on our original website are on this page.

The articles in this section are divided into 6 different categories, organized by subjects which range from the strictly scientific to the purely mythical and religious ones. In each category you will find a small introduction on the theme, written by The Professor, followed by a list of its articles and a brief description of each.

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All articles presented in this section are fully protected by U.S. copyright laws and international copyright treaties. All rights are reserved for the author. For more information please visit our copyright information page.