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Atlantis Lemuria Scientific Research & Expedition Campaign Fund

Atlantis Lemuria Scientific Research & Expedition Campaign Fund

Following the dreams and intuition of many Philosophers, Bards, Researchers, and Scientists throughout the history of Mankind the late Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the research and study in search for the true Origin of Civilization or the true Ancient History of our World.

At first, trying to disprove the whole Atlantis premise proposed by Plato, Prof. Santos found himself deeply studying Myths, Religion, Geology, Anthropology, Linguistics, and many other different subjects. Proficient in many ancient languages and reading thousands of books in his lifetime Dr. Santos wrote more than 30 thousand pages of articles hoping to publish them all in a series of books ranging from specific topics regarding the true location, origin, and demise of Atlantis and Lemuria. According to the Professor, the proof and evidence for Atlantis is scattered in the wide open for anyone to see and look for, cultivated and present in major cultures and religions throughout many different epochs and present in different places in the World ever since immemorial times.

Prof. Santos published his main Book on the location of Atlantis, “Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found {The Definitive Location of Plato’s Lost Civilization}”, in 2005 setting his premise for the Location of Atlantis in South East Asia, more precisely in the Sundaland Shelf, that was submerged in a Great Cataclysm sure to have happened at the end of the Pleistocene or the end of the world’s last Ice Age period (roughly 11,600 years ago).

Sadly Prof. Arysio Santos passed away just 5 weeks after the release of his book leaving thousands of pages of well-developed research, written as documented articles, in these more than 30 years,  practically proving the existence of great civilization thousands of years before what Science currently agrees upon. 

These thousands of pages almost got lost due to many reasons but now are hoping to be restored in this project of Study and Exploration of Lemurian Indonesia that, being uncovered for the mainstream public, coming to the surface shall bring a revolution in the current knowledge we have of our existence and origin as Human Beings. Close to being vanished, these files are now being recovered and about to be mainly published as one of the main purposes of the soon-to-be-created “Lemuria in Sundaland Research Foundation”, a non-profit organization under the supervision and service of Atlantis Publications.

Our non-profit organization is seeking now to raise funds, as any help is welcome to develop not only the research done by Prof. Santos, organizing all his hundreds of written articles and studies, but also developing Strategies and Expeditions, in partnership with modern technological vessels equipped with the right tools such as Lidar and Sonars, to the pinpointed locations Prof. Santos proposes in his work.

Only Prof. Arysio, reading on average 2 to 3 books a day and being proficient in most known ancient languages (such as Dravida and Sanskrit), was capable of building what he called ”a Billion piece puzzle where we only have a couple of million hints out in the world” and, having access to the written papers Prof. Santos left, he tackles most and any doubts of our Ancient Heritage existing longer ago than what we know like it was proposed by Plato and many others.

This deep study on the origin of Major Civilizations of our World shows how the traces of a developed Civilization are spread in the cultures from East to West and that its exposition to our time shall bring a revolution in the way we think and understand ourselves.

Maybe evolution is not linear in how many accept and maybe we need to evaluate how this knowledge may change how we see the world today. That will also be a major goal for our Research Foundation.

Here we are hoping to restore Prof. Santos’ Seminal Research and Studies and publish them orderly as the Articles he wrote but also in videos to be posted on youtube and our website, www.atlan.org (the most visited .org site in the early 2000s). As well, with enough funds, we can start looking for Atlantis in the right place with these expeditions to be conducted with our partners in the Indonesian Government and other parts from all over the world.

Here is Dr. Santos’ “Gift to the World”. And you can help us! A serious Scientific, Seminal Research, that, perhaps more than any other, challenges the real questions supposedly lost to the sands of time.

Dr. Santos’ Research craves to be published, and every help is welcome. Thank you.

by Philipe Santos Araujo

Prof. Santos Grandson, Researcher and Atlantis Publications’ Vice-President.


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