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Atlantis in the Old World.

In this section, we discuss the civilizing role of Atlantis upon the nations of the Ancient World, particularly in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Minoan Crete, Gaul, and the British Isles. We also include articles on the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, as well as on the Atlantean symbolism of the Egyptian temples.

We discuss the origin of the Celts and the Guanches — the mysterious blond natives of the Canary Islands — showing that both these peoples originated in the distant islands of Indonesia, the true site of the Terrestrial Paradise. In fact, Atlantis was Eden, but it was also the Elysium or Islands of the Blest, the Greek equivalent. Moreover, we discuss the reality of the legendary civilizations such as those of Troy, Phaeacia, Dilmun, Punt, and Ophir, which all lay in the Far Orient, and were no other thing than Atlantis-Eden itself.

The Atlantean Symbolism Of The Egyptian Temple (Part I)

The Egyptian temples were replicas of Paradise (Atlantis). This article discusses the meaning of their pylons, colonnades, flagstaffs, streamers, holy barks, sacred pools, etc...

The Atlantean Symbolism Of The Egyptian Temple (Part II)

In this second part of our article on the occult symbolism of Egyptian temples we continue the discussion started in Part I, which should be read first.

Guanche Language Derived From Dravida?

The Guanches were the tall, blond, blue-eyed natives of the Canary Islands. Their origin and their tongue poses an unsolved riddle, whose solution we attempt here.

The Mysterious Origin Of The Guanches

This article continues the above on the mystery of the Guanches, showing their connection with Atlantis.

The Fire at the Center of the Earth

A deep analysis of the ancient cult of Vesta / Hestia.