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Modern Maps

Sundaland, the Immense Continent that was above water before the Deluge that Ended the Last Ice Age.

This immense Continent was Submerged after the Cataclysm that happened ~11,600 years ago ending the Last Ice Age. A very different geographical world was revealed because the Sea Levels were roughly 100 meters lower than today.   Sundaland was as big as the whole of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.  

The Land submerged after the Deluge 11,600 years ago.

Here is the Landmass that was exposed during the Last Ice Age.

Mercator Map as Considering the World on the Last Ice Age.

Here the equivalent of the Mercator Map on how the World looked during the Last Ice Age.   North America and most of Europe and top Asia were Covered in Ice.

Map of Sundaland – Atlantis/Lemuria during the Ice Age.