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Atlantis in Myths and Religion.

Atlantis is the ultimate source of all mythologies and all religions. Indeed, the essence of the ancient Mystery Religions — from which Christianity sprung — centered on the theme of Atlantis and its demise in the cataclysm we call the Flood. The eschatology — that is, the doctrine of final things such as Doom and the Resurrection of the Dead — of Millenarian Religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism all issue rather directly from the myths of Atlantis and its terrible fate.

So do traditions such as the Grail Cycle and the myth of the Wandering Hero in search of Paradise. Indeed, Atlantis is no other than the Primordial Paradise, which was the source from where the gods and angels brought the Gospels and the seeds of knowledge in the dawn of times. In this section, we review certain themes like the Atlantean origin of myths, symbols, and rites such as the Mysteries and the Christian Sacraments which we commemorate more or less apishly, in total ignorance of their essential connection with Atlantean events.

The Atlantean Origin Of The Seven Sacraments

Written by Prof. Arysio N. dos Santos Ph.D. The Cristian Sacraments commemorate the demise of Atlantis, that is, the Terrestrial Paradise. This article explains the meaning of these rituals, which root in ancient Mystery Religions.


Written by Prof. Arysio N. dos Santos Ph.D. The Bible – along with innumerous other ancient traditions – holds that Man originated in the Orient, in a paradisial place variously known as Eden, Atala, Sutala, Punt, Dilmun, Aztlan, Yoymaraney, etc.. On the other hand, the official position of Academic Science tends to favour the theory that Man first appeared in Africa and diffused from there to people the other regions of the world, including the Americas. Prof. Arysio tackles these questions in this first out of four texts.

The Symbolism of the Holy Grail

One of Prof. Santos Work on regards of the Celtic Traditions and possible origin of the Holy Grail.