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Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found

Atlantis – The Lost Continent Finally Found (The Definitive Localization of Plato’s Lost Civilization)


“Unlocking the Secrets of Plato’s Lost Continent”

Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, released on August 2005, is Prof. Arysio Santos latest work. Following the same line of thought that made his homonymous website become the most popular in its category, having received more than 2.5 million visits within the past few years, he explains in this book his Theory on Atlantis, using an infinitude of arguments, which range from the strictly scientific (such as Geology, Linguistics, and Anthropology) to the more arcane and occult ones.

A professional scientist with a PhD in Nuclear Physics and Free-Docency in Physical-Chemistry, the author has dedicated himself intensely to the study of the Atlantis problem, for about 30 years now. Being the first one to ever link the catastrophic events of the end of the last Ice Age (11.600 years ago) with the world-wide traditions of the universal Flood and the destruction of Atlantis, Prof. Santos managed to find a perfect site for the location of the Lost Continent. Such site strives unrivaled as being the most logical one ever proposed, matching all the features mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, as well as those cited by other sources.

The reader will be confronted with strongly based evidence of all sorts to the existence of Atlantis, written by a reputed scientist, enough to shake the beliefs of the most hard-core skeptic. This book should also please the fans of the occult and symbolic disciplines, as the author frequently interconnects them with Atlantis and explains their meaning. Illustrated with over 30 line-art figures and printed in high quality white paper, Prof. Santos’ book is a must for everyone interested in the subject of Atlantis and lost civilizations.

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