New Arrivals! Atlantis clues are popping the world over.

New clues are pointing to the direction and more people are becoming benevolent to our project. We have so many people to thank!

Works of Danny Hilman and Dhani Irwanto in english are here to continue Professor Santos inauguration and give his seminal thoey on Indonesian Atlantis a boost.

Different than the uncompromised work of most pseudo Scientists out there, valuable information can now be found in a compact source. We are confdent Atlantis will rise from its ashes and show all of its beauty.

Don’t miss following these authors!

Plato Never Lied: Atlantis is in Indonesia

By Danny Hilman Natawidjaja

Fantastic book by Danny Hilman, a real scientist devoted to uncovering the mysteries of Lost Atlantis.

We needed some science applied into this matter and, finally, it seems the long ago seeded theory of Indonesian Atlantis is becoming understood.

The gret findings here presented will further corroborate Prof. Santos theory on the reality of Atlantis and its location in Indonesia.

A combination of science and and popular language can be found in this book which will certainly mark its point in the field with its serious approach and beautifully research done.

Danny Hilman is a Geologist fully devoted to the most fantastic multidisciplinary archeological research at Gunung Padang, Java. Finally, Indonesia is providing the rock hard proofs for Prof. Arysio Santos theory that became so popular in this country.

Anyway, it seems to be the most coherent theory ever published on atlantis, and we are confident more people will soon recognize. Authors like Hancock and Shoch are fastly bending towards this theory as it is more consistent than the ones they have ever proposed.

By finding real archeologycal proof and by connecting it all to Prof. Santos’ theory, as well as publishing it nicely, we owe Danny Hilman the credit of being considered one of the Atlantis founding fathers, responsible for the rising of Atlantis/New Age.

Thanks for the well done research and information selected!.

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