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The Scientific Evidence.

In the present section, we present some of the compelling scientific evidence we have gathered on the former existence of the sunken continent of Atlantis. These clues are so many and so cogent, once they are mooted out, that it was hard to make a selection that fits in the present page. Included is the geological evidence for the existence of the famous Sunken Continent in Indonesia. Indonesia is the real site of Atlantis, which now lies at the bottom of the South China Sea.

Moreover, we also present pages on the reality of the Flood, the cataclysm that sunk Atlantis away, at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age. This event took place 11,600 years ago, precisely the date given by Plato in his dialogues on Atlantis. We also argue the civilizing influence of Atlantis over essentially all ancient nations, both in the arts and the techniques as well as in the philosophical and metaphysical aspects of human civilization.


Atlantis Checklist

In the present document we gather, in the form of a Checklist, some of the most important pieces of evidence that we have mustered on the location of Atlantis over the many years in which we have been researching the subject.

The True History of Atlantis

Here is a General Overview of Professor Santos' research and the main conclusion drawn from his studies.

The Great Pyramid and the origin of the Egyptian Calendar (Article)

Great Article from an even greater research, challenging the current views and true origin of the Pyramids and how it directly correlates to the Egyptian Calendar. Written in 1996.

Corroborating Evidence on the Reality of Atlantis

This article discusses the reality of the Flood and of Atlantis in many myths and religions and demonstrates how Atlantis is a Reality.