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Nov. 25th , 2021 – Important Announcement Regarding our new Atlantis Website.

To let everyone know who has been interested or is now interested in the seminal research work on Atlantis, by the late Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph.D., we have redesigned our new website and are still in the process of constructing it. We still have many changes, improvements and modifications to be done. We are working every day on our website to make it better than it has ever been before. It has been our dream for a long time to do so.

To let everyone know this project is not only about the discovery of the “Lost City and Continent of Atlantis”, but is fundamentally about Humanity (e.g. where civilization began, our ancient ancestors, culture, etc.). Because our project regarding Atlantis and Humanity is a worldwide project and concerns every person on earth we have incorporated a universal translator into 104 languages from around the world. The translator can be accessed in your language by clicking the drop-down flag or little flag in the upper right-hand corner. By the way, it will default back to English once you refresh or close out of our website. Currently, some of the “Free Articles” will not translate into other languages, but in time they will also be translated into all 104 languages.

In addition, in the future, I will be speaking and answering questions at seminars, conferences, and on radio & TV shows regarding the problem of Atlantis along with our new Vice-President, Researcher Philipe Santos Araujo (Prof. Santos’ adult grandson). So if you are interested in listening to one of our interviews on Atlantis or Lemuria Atlantis or attending a seminar please click on upcoming events. Also if you want us to be interviewed by your local radio talk show host or seminar/conference organizer then have them contact us on our contact page. Best regards to all.

Frank Joseph Hoff

President of Atlantis Publications, Inc.