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Introduction Words on the Quest for Atlantis written by Prof. Santos.

When the historians, the researchers, the scientists quit, because they know no further, it is time for the poets, the visionaries, the fools, and the romantics to enter the arena and to take over. For we know that Atlantis existed, and the fact that they quit is only an incentive for us to try harder, for the Millennium is already downing, and there is not much time left.

Atlantis was the cradle of mankind and of civilization, Paradise Lost, the Holy Land promised us all. We know that continents cannot sink, but we also know that Atlantis is the sunken continent, and we will take no less than a whole continent. We know that Atlantis lies in the Atlantic Ocean, but we do not know if what we call by that name was the same Ocean of the Atlanteans of the ancients. And we know that Atlantis was not found up to now only because the time was not yet ripe, and because its seekers were searching in the wrong places.

It was with these facts in mind that we started to quest for the Lost Continent some 30 years ago. We soon realized that Atlantis did exist and was exactly what Plato claimed, but also that it was the New Jerusalem of the Book of Revelation, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Avalon, and that of the Hesperides as well. Indeed, Atlantis was the Holy Grail and the Golden Fleece, the Source of the Elixir and the Phaeacia of Homer all in one.

Moreover, it was the lost Aryana Varta of the Aryans, the true Canaan of the Jews, the primordial Phoenicia of the Phoenicians, the legendary Egypt of the Gypsies, the Evil-less Land of the Amerinds all wrapped into a common dream homeland. After we realized all this, the task became rather easy, indeed. The reason for the endless failures of our predecessors lay in the fact that they thought that Plato’s assertions were vaunted and so were the ancient myths and the ancient traditions. And they were not at all, as we shall see in what follows.

Moved by racial prejudices, by the belief that the ancients and the primitives were stupid savages that grossly vaunted their petty prehistory, and by sheer arrogance, the researchers only looked in the wrong places, the wrong dates, and the wrong evidence. The result could be no other, and they despaired of the reality of Atlantis, just as they had despaired of the reality of Paradise before. But not even the clever ancients could hide away an entire continent forever, as the world is getting smaller and smaller. Indeed, they planned, long ago, for it to be discovered just now, for the Millennium encroaches, and Aquarius is already downing on the world.

We realize how hard it is for all to believe in our claim of having discovered Atlantis’ true location and whereabouts. But our arguments are strictly scientific and are all based on solid evidence that has been hidden or disguised under the veil of religious myth and symbolism, or under the riddles and paradoxes of the remotest prehistory of mankind. We base ourselves on the geological and archaeological evidence, as well as that afforded by the human sciences such as Philology, Ethnology, Comparative Mythology, and Religion, Anthropology, Genetics, and other such sciences. Go on, read, and judge for yourself. And feel free to ask any questions you deem necessary on any issue concerning the subject at hand.


Written by Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos for his Original Website.


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