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Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Initiator of Indonesian Atlantis Theory.

Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos was the Valedictorian Electrical Engineer of his class in the Technical Institute of Aeronautics (ITA-BR) with a Ph.D in Nuclear Physics he was also a Free-Docent in Physical Chemistry and also had other specialties. Prof. Santos was also a prolific inventor registering and selling several patents and applications that are still used today. In the course of his protracted professional career as a scientist, Prof. Santos also worked as a Geologist, Climatologist, and Ancient Languages specialist, among many other disciplines that he came to master helping him make substantial contributions to Ice Age Theory, particularly in what concerns Catastrophism and the reality of the Flood, becoming one of the top Atlantologists of the World. He was the pioneer to argue that this cataclysm also ultimately led to the demise of Atlantis-Eden, or an ancient advanced civilization that would have lived in Sundaland Indonesia in the younger Dryas period.

Prof. Santos also wrote around 30 thousand pages of articles and composed several other books on topics of Science and Engineering, as well as on arcane subjects such as Symbolism, Alchemy, Comparative Mythology and Religion, etc. Pursuing these studies with passion and a multi-disciplinary approach based on both the Exact and the Human Sciences, as well as the more traditional disciplines, the author claims he managed to discover Atlantis’ actual location; to prove its identity with Eden and the other traditional Paradises, and to reconstruct in detail the secret history of the Lost Continent described by Plato and several other ancient sages and cultures throughout the world.

A gifted amateur linguist, Prof. Santos mastered several tongues, including Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and Dravida, which are essential for the understanding of the ancient myths of Paradise and its destruction by the Universal Flood. This knowledge has enabled him to decipher Etruscan and Pelasgian, the languages of the predecessors of the Greeks and the Romans in the Mediterranean region. Prof. Santos traced these languages back to Sanskrit and Dravida, establishing an ineluctable connection with the East Indies, the true site of Atlantis.

Sadly Prof. Santos Passed away in 2005, shortly after publishing his second book but the Professor left tens of thousands of pages in articles showcasing his over 30 years of research.

His Internet Site on Atlantis, the one you are visiting now, has received over 2.5 million visits in the last decades achieving the most visited .org website in 2001, and was by far the most popular page in that medium.





Prof. Arysio Santos, Ph.D.

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