The origin of the red and white stripes in our Flag

All the flags in the world have one same origin.


They come from Atlantis and symbolize the Land of Atlantis. One land made of union and diversity.


This land was known as the Land of Waters, for they were seafarers and had a strategic portion of continental land.


In addition, it was paradoxically known as the Land of Fire (Eden). This because, even having the vastest bodies of water available, the place is home to the most dangerous and active volcanoes.

So, it was both the Land of Fire and the Land of Water, after its sinking…
So, the Land of Fire, or Eden, or still Atlantis, a more proper name perhaps, was a vast continent and also, was paradoxically called both “Paradise” and “Hell”, for, it was a true paradise and due to its demise and sinking, it became a mere legend, and a forbidden matter.
However, it is everywhere, even in our present day flags.


All flags come from other flags, and symbols are born from other symbols, simply borrowed!


Even the words, the terms and names we have, have distinct and noticeable origins.

Nothing is really “created”, but reproduced, only. So is the case of flags, hymns, heraldry, calendars, languages, costumes, myths, religions…

We learn these things and, in time, forget where from, We lose contact to the true source…


But in time, also, in the same manner we forget, there is the banner, the symbol, that reminds us of our forgotten memory and origin.

That is why we honor and value symbols, such as the flag. This is universal.

The American flag is one example of a flag that has plenty of symbols and come misunderstood…

It comes from the British flag, originally. But the British Flag, in is own, was not a creation but a reproduction, also.

Even the word ” flag ” is one of mysterious meaning.

Flag means flame… Something like a pyre, a bonfire that “waves”.



in English the word BANNER means exactly “BANDERA” in Bahasa Indonesian, the Language of present day Sunda.


In many languages we can see the same root was carried..,. We are not entering in details, for we amply discussed the elsewhere. Everything in terms of symbols and heraldry, originally came from Sundaland.


And in Spanish, for example the word is “Bandera”, just as in Portuguese is “Bandeira” = Banner.


All flags symbolize fire, at least originally. Flags that wave high are flames, made to inflame. The meaning is as precise as the symbol and the term.

IndonesiaFlagPicture1Red on White… that is Fire over Water…
The symbol is again clear:

Red = Fire = Volcano… and White = Water = Ocean…

It is symbolic of a pyre, or of an Altar… The Flag tells the story, both esoteric and esoterically.

As to value the costumes, myths and concepts, it holds them all into on set, one image:

The original idea is that Volcanos are the true Gods and so are the true essences commemorated in a pyre, as in a flag. And also, the mix of Fire and Water is what allowed man to thrive, settle to land.
Flag = Banner = Standard, a Norm… and it is also a Flame = Fire = Pyre


The Land is what the flag aims to symbolize. The people and its true value, its heritage, or memory. Even though, we forget.

And the original Flag Symbol, mother of all others was the flag from the LAND OF FIRE, which is a symbol of a volcanic land… or the archipelago of Nusantara, Sundaland, in the case.


EDEN, or Paradise, the true Holy Land is what is commemorated in the heart of all flags. It is the mother of civilization that we cherish, even when forgetting it.


The true and the one real Land of Fire. The Paradise.

The red and white stripes of the original Eden Flag had the colors of its races. Red and White they were.


That combination of colors symbolizes the “races” that dwell in a flag jpg All flags originally meant to say it. Add to this the color of the sky and the stars that symbolizes the “states, and you have a today’s flag. As can be seen in most country flags in the world, the star is the main symbol. It symbolizes the creation, or rather the civilization (society, politics, statute, constitution…). These attributes are all inherited from our original motherland. It is the stories of the races that the flag tells.

Race = Run = stream = flow = chain = link = color


So, the “two races” (Dravidian and Semite) dwelling compose, originally, the theme of all flags. Just like the Caduceus, or the Yin Yang, it means this duality that compose all that there is.


The people from Paradise/ Eden that is Sundaland, was of the most diverse nature and complete.

So, these two races commemorated themselves in all their symbols! They had, however, one single goal, or one common purpose.

By aligning and sharing a common objective, they were able to strive for millennia.


Integration and Diversity or Union in Diversity, was its motto.


Unity in Diversity – as the intended supreme union of he Red and White races… Be that the Lamb and the Lion ,, or the Snake and the Eagle… Always symbols of the two primordial races, Aryans and Semites.

The color .. the race … was ONE. Humanity was one Unity. Dwelling in partnership, no competition, in harmony and in tune to orb. This is the message of the flags.

And the true colors of the flags… even the American Flag, truly symbolizes paradise, or complete harmony and union between the whites and reds.

the flag announced this interlaced union.

It also symbolizes the supreme union of Fire = Red and Water = White… interlaced or interrelated to promote the creation ..


As everything is created in Union Integration of these two different elements of Creation. The supreme objective is always to balance, to complete and harmonize, and that can only be done with reintegration, harmony and memory, knowledge of our past and origin.


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