The “New” Paradigm of Paradise, Atlantis.

Knowledge of Atlantis in the Western world comes from Plato, from his Timaeus and Critias mainly. Those described it as a continent in the Atlantic Ocean that hosted an extremely advanced civilization and that would have developed there more than 11,600 years ago. It also said that as a result of a massive volcanic cataclysm of global extension, this continent sank and disappeared forever. The official science rejects the current account of the existence of Atlantis as they have never discovered any traces of its reality, until today.

The Brazilian scientist Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos proposed a real revolution on the knowledge of where would be Atlantis located. Prof. Arysio has an enviable academic curriculum. a Nuclear physicist from Washington University, Missouri, an electrical engineer and a professor of nuclear engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), doctor in Physics (Ph. D) and a post doctorate in physical chemistry and being one prolific inventor with several patents, in his spare time. Prof. Arysio also spent the past three decades in a honeymoon with the occult sciences, and has published several articles and two books: one on Alchemy and one on Atlantis. Besides this formation in the exact sciences he also had a solid knowledge of mythology, religion, anthropology, linguistics, geology and archeology. His curriculum can be accessed at

Prof. Arysio states that the discovery of the localization of Atlantis will allow for the matching of the knowledge of the occult traditions with the latest findings of modern science. Arysio also believes that Plato did not record only a fantasy of his era. Atlantis would not only have existed, but it would be the very cradle of all of the civilizations and the true source of all religions and sciences developed in the world. This knowledge would have been passed ahead by “Atlanteans” who managed to escape from the catastrophe that befell to the continent and spread around the globe back then: The end of last glaciation, which marked the end of the geological period known as the Pleistocene, which occurred some 11,600 years. Indeed, it is geologically proven that at that time the sea level was 100-150 meters higher around the planet. “Violent and catastrophic sea level rising nearly wiped out humanity. This was the famous flood, told in many mythologies,” says Arysio. To support his theory, he says that the end of last glaciation coincides exactly with the date given by Plato, nine thousand years before Solon’s time, who lived at 600 BC “Add up the two thousand years that have passed since that and it givesus the same exact date.”

The studies and traditional reflections on Atlantis always placed it at the Atlantic Ocean, prof. Arysio moved this axis to the South China Sea. He claims that the vision we have today of the Atlantic Ocean is not the same as the ancient. Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle, Strabo and several other authors who referred to the Atlantic Ocean – called it “the Ocean of the Atlanteans”, External Ocean, Kronian Ocean, Mare Oceanum or Mare Magnum – and it was actually the ocean that surrounded the whole earth. This ocean surrounded the known world then, Eurasia and Africa. In other words, the Atlantic Ocean of the ancients was the World Ocean that was actually contiguous and encompassed the whole world. We now consider the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic, oceans to be distinct and independent, although they are all three contiguous.

Still, according to Arysio, Atlantis was a continent whith a capital city that had the same name and that was located on a nearby shore island. When the continent sank on the sea waters, only the peaks of the highest mountains remained above the water level, forming what the ancient later dubbed Islands of the Blessed and what we know today as those 17,800 islands of Indonesia.

In addition to supporting the existence of the lost continent, the professor says no one has yet found evidence of this continent because everyone looked in the wrong place: in the Atlantic Ocean. According to him, what the Greeks of the time of Plato and Aristotle called the Atlantic Ocean, or better the “Ocean of Atlantis” was not just that what we call by this name, but it included the Indian Ocean and a portion of the Pacific Ocean, around the eastern coast of Asia.

Thirty years researching the subject, Santos based himself on mythological stories and the religion of various civilizations studies – as well as what he says are solid scientific evidence from geology, astronomy, paleontology, linguistics and ethnology, among other sciences – to assert that there where Atlantis, a continent that was mostly plain and is what is now the South China and Java Seas. “After this continent sank, only the peaks of the highest mountains remained above the water surface, forming what the ancients called “Islands of the Blest” and which today we know as Indonesia. ”


In fact, according to the map of the bottom of the ocean provided by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the research agency of the US government, it turns out that the islands that make up Indonesia are the peak of a wide submerged continental plate.

Based on the latest geological discoveries, Arysio also rejected the thesis that Atlantis could be located in the famous Bermuda Triangle region – as predicted by the American psychic Edgar Cayce. He said the formations that became known as the “wall of Bimini”, located in this region, are natural formations very common to be found on the seabed. “Detailed underwater maps of the region revealed that there is no trace of constructions larger than a few meters. The geological evidence make the existence of a continent or a large submerged island impossible in the Caribbean region,” he said.

Studious of various religious traditions, Santos says that the famous continent submerged became known to many legendary names – such as the Champs Elysees, of the Greeks; the Fields of the Papyri (Sekhet Aaru), by the Egyptians; Aztlan, by the Maya; Rutas, by the Hindus, etc.. Similarly, the Paradise, where several civilizations tell is the origin of the gods, was the same as Atlantis. “The gods of all ancient civilizations were the Atlanteans,” says the scientist.

According to him, Atlantis would be also the Biblical Garden of Eden. It was from there that the ancestors of the first humans, the African Homo Sapiens have migrated to escape the desertification of the continent when it started the last glaciation some 130,000 years ago. “As the region where Atlantis was had a milder climate, our African ancestors set foot to Indonesia and there they interbred with the locals, homo erectus,” he says. “It was from the interbreeding of these two races that spawned modern man, Homo sapiens sapiens, also known as Cro-Magnon.”
Over the centuries, these people would have led to the Aryans, with clearer skin, and the Dravidians, with darker complexity. Motivated by racial hatreds they launched wars – which, according to Plato, would have annoyed the god Poseidon and generated the end of the continent via the Flood.

According to Arysio, this human ancestor (the Cro-Magnon) who lived in Atlantis had the brain some 30% higher. While the brain of modern man has between 1200 and 1300 cc, the Cro-Magnon, which appeared in Europe some 60,000 years BC, had 1600 cc. According to the scholar, this species lived until about 10,000 years BC. Besides having succumbed to the flood, the Cro-Magnon just vanished because the remnants mixed with inferior races, which caused their decline. “That’s what was the real fall of Adam, told in the Bible” says the scientist.

Before its disappearance, this evolved species that lived in Atlantis eventually developed a highly sophisticated civilization. According to Arysio, all plants and domestic animals such as the horse, rice, corn, wheat, have come out from Atlantis / Eden. “They had very advanced genetic engineering and made the fruits that we see to have no ancestors and the animals like the horse and tamed every domestic animal,” he says. To support his argument he cites the various indigenous myths from the Americas, where the Europeans learned about the tomato, corn and sweet potato, the gourd, etc.. Many of these stories tell that the seeds of these goods had been brought by the gods and first emperors and founders of their Nations.

On the other hand, Arysio explains that it would not be difficult for survivors of Atlantis to have landed in America, because there is a counter-equatorial current out of what is now Indonesia that leads directly to present day’s Ecuador. For no other reason, says Arysio, the Aztecs and the Mayans said to have come from an island in the middle of the ocean which they called Aztlan, in Aztec, and Tollan, in Mayan. “Both names mean plain of reeds,” he says.

According to him, the descendants of Atlantis people have founded a vast civilization that dominated America throughoutly and even spawned the international language of the time, the Tupi-Guarani, which is a Dravidian language dialect, as well as the primary language of all populations of Asia and Oceania. “The name they gave to the language that everyone spoke was nhengatu. In Dravidian, gatu is catu, which means beautiful, perfect, nice, holy. In Greek, the term is agatos. That is, the same root which means holy language, or pure, perfect, “ the language of the Dravidians”, explains the scientist.

Arysio accounts that the very Dravidian tradition speaks of a sunken continent in the southeast India called Rutas, where the Dravidians would have come from when a great cataclysm occurred, one that made them disappear from the map. After losing the war to the Aryans, the Dravidians fled to India as the Aryans would have headed to northern Europe. From there, driven by the Mongols, they returned to India again waging war and dominating the Dravidians in 1500 BC The history of the war between the Aryans and the Dravidians was told in the Ramayana, the traditional Hindu saga that talks about the destruction of Lanka. “That is none other than Atlantis” – and that was recounted later in the Iliad of Homer.

Unfortunately, according Arysio, although they left marks in various civilizations that flourished on the planet, most of the knowledge developed by the Atlanteans was lost. “Just left overs, the simplest things.” As a nuclear engineer he believes that the Atlanteans have developed the atomic bomb in the middle of the war between the Dravidians and Aryans, its explosion would have accelerated the end of the last glaciation. According to him, at the very period in which the last glaciation ended, carbon 14 data records have that the atmosphere presented a radioactive anomaly that is equal to what happened in modern days because of the nuclear tests. “Bursts of atomic bombs generate carbon 14 in the atmosphere,” he explains. According to the scientist, only the explosion of a supernova – the latest in a series of explosions of a star – can leave neutron waste similar to what happens when a nuclear bomb explodes. “As at the time there were no star nearby, this radioactive anomaly could only have been caused by an atomic explosion, or more,” he explains.

Asked about the absence of traces of a civilization so sophisticated, Santos reaffirms: “All the places where they lived were submerged. Archaeological civilizations are discovered only when dug, and no one ever looked in the right place.” Also, modern things such as metal tools and buildings do not last millennia, but only glass, stone work and ceramics would make it. Nevertheless many findings will indeed take place once we llok in the right spot.

Although he never had maens to check the veracity of his findings, Arysio, which publishesd the results of his research on a website in English, says that writers such as Graham Hancock, author of The Fingerprints of the God (not yet translated) and Erich Von Daniken in Chariots of the Gods, have been in contact with him for future collaborations. Of course, there are also those who, according to him, are stealing his ideas. Now we wait for someone to venture out and finally unravel the mystery that can be submerged in the China Sea waters.


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