The eternal quest for Atlantis, the Lost Continent of Plato

Atlantis, the Lost Continent Finally Found (Atlantis Finally Found the Lost Continents), as the title of a book by Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos was released in August 2005 in English. In this book Santos describes the theory of Atlantis by using a very broad argument and of a very powerful and strictly scientific nature, based in fields such as Geology, Linguistics and Anthropology, among others to the mysterious and occult traditions (symbolism, mythology, religion, etc.).

Dos Santos was a professional scientist with a PhD in nuclear physics and a scientist and Professor for life. This author has dedicated itself intensively to study the problem of Atlantis for at least the last 30 years of his life. He was the first to connect the catastrophic events of the last Ice Age (11,600 years ago) with the flood disaster that swept across the world as well as the destruction of Atlantis, told in many myths and even in the Bible. Prof. Santos managed to find the site that is the most qualified as location for the Continent Lost. By finding a site that is unsurpassed as the site which is the most logical ever proposed, and the most suitable with all the features mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, and also mentioned through other sources.

Readers of this book will be faced with a fact based on evidences that are very strong and backed up by all sorts of things related to the existence of Atlantis. Because it was written by a famous scientist who was competent to laying gout a theory, it is sufficient to shake the confidence for anyone, even for the most skeptical, in special scholars. It may be time for paradigm shift, anyhow.

Where the discovery of Atlantis?

As expressly stated by Prof. Santos through his book and website, the location of the lost Atlantis which sunk roughly 11600 years ago, is Indonesia.

During this time, the continent, as told Plato, 11600 years ago, was inhabited by the Atlanteans who had a very high civilization and of a very developed nature and very rich, which then disappeared into the seabed by floods and earthquakes as punishment from the gods. Atlantis story is discussed from time to time, and search efforts continue to be done in order to find the remains of any high civilization lost or sunk and which had been reached by the Atlanteans or a part of it.

Searches carried out at the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, to the North Pole. This quest is absolutely no result, so most people assume that Plato recounted it is fantasy of a fairy tale alone.

Professor Santos is a Doctor in Nuclear Physics and an expert in distinct sciences such as Linguistics as well as Geology and Egyptology and theorized that Atlantis was never found because people sought for it in the wrong places. Conclusively correcting and pointing the the real location, based on plenty of evidence collected by Santos, Indonesia is the definite proposed place. More exactly the Java sea, which is Atlantis Plain. Professor Santos was investigating the possible location of Atlantis for nearly 30 years.

Santos used interdisciplinary sciences in tracing the location of Atlantis, such as the sciences of Geology, Astronomy, Paleontology, Archaeology, Linguistics, Ethnology and Comparative Mythology. For those who want to know the full qualification Santos, they can be found at this address:
Santos’s book, among others marketed through’,turned out to sell very well. In Indonesia it published tens of thousands of copies in printed form, both hardcover and softcover. This book interlinks to more than 400 sites on the internet, and also its own website, that had more than seven million visitors since the site came up, in 1997.

If the Indonesian government is quite responsive and sensitive, in fact this is a free advertising campaign to introduce Indonesia alias effectively to the entire universe with not require a penny campaign funds.

As can be seen on website, Plato wrote about Atlantis at a time when Greece was still the cultural center of the Western World. Until now, it could not be known with certainty whether the philosopher was just telling a myth, a moral fable, pure science fiction, or a story of an actual historical fact. He did also describe it as an honest fact that Atlantis is one absolute reality.

Plato tells Atlantis was a prosperous country with gold, rocks and stones of noble kind, and was the ‘mother of all civilizations’ having a full-sized continent which controlled shipping, trade, science metallurgy, had an enormous network of canals for irrigation and transport, as well as abundance of life and art, such as dance, theater, music, festivals and sports of a very lively nature.
Atlantis residents who originally were one honorable people, and rich, then turned into an ambitious, selfish and hedonistic people. The gods then punished them by bringing floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes that were so fierce that it drowned the entire continent to the ocean floor.

Other similar stories like the Atlantis story which ends with floods and earthquakes, was also found in the stories of (all) traditional and sacred myths and wisdom in various parts of the world, which are generally described in local languages. The myth of Flood is of an undeniable universal nature.

According to Prof. Santos, the span of time given Plato sums 11600 years BP (Before Present). This precisely coincides with the end of the (last) Ice Age or what is known as the Pleistocene Epoch. This transition has caused many great and violent floods and earthquakes. Evidences show that this disaster led to the extinction of 70% of mammal species that lived at the time, including possibly two human species, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon.

Before the flood, the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Nusa Tenggara were all one piece and fused with the peninsula of Malaysia and the Asian continent.

Indonesia is located on the 3rd position of tectonic plates pushing each other, causing a series of volcanoes as can be seen from Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara, all the way around Indonesia and continuing to the North to the Philippines, which is part of the range track called ‘Ring of Fire’.

The main volcano mentioned by Santos, which plays an important role in this disaster, is Krakatoa and ‘other volcanoes’. Meanwhile, another mountain which is mentioned in connection with the stories of mythology is Mount Sumeru, Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani.

Many disasters, according to Santos, began with the explosion of the Krakatoa volcano, which destroyed the entire mountain itself, and formed it into a large caldera that is now in the Sunda strait, which separates the islands of Sumatra and Java.

These eruptions caused a tsunami with very high sea waves, which then covered the lowlands of Sumatra to Peninsular Malaysia, between Java and Borneo, and between Sumatra and Kalimantan. As well, it created a flood that went on for a long time and a continuous Tsunami for many days all over the world, originating one diaspora and the descriptions of floods.


Ash from the eruption of Krakatoa in the form of ‘fly-ash’ rose high into the air and the wind to all parts of the world at that time still largely closed ice (Pleistocene Ice Age). Ash is then dropped and the cover layer of ice. Due to the ash layer, the ice then melted as a result of the sun’s heat is absorbed by the ash layer.
Glaciers in the Arctic and Europe then melts and flows into the lower parts of the earth, including Indonesia. Flooding caused by the tsunami and melting ice is what causes the sea water rises about 130 meters above the lowlands of Indonesia. Lowlands in Indonesia sank below sea level, and the living is high plains and peaks of the volcano.

This great water pressure causing a great pull and pressure on continental plates, which in turn give rise to volcanic eruptions in a row, and was followed by a massive earthquake. The result is the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age dramatically.
In his book, Plato says that Atlantis is a prosperous country that the sun all the time. Though the days when it was the Ice Age, in which the earth’s overall temperature is approximately 15 degrees Celsius cooler than today. The location was bathed in sunlight at that time only Indonesia, which is located at the equator.

Plato also mentions that the area of ​​the lost continent of Atlantis “…bigger then Libya (North Africa) and Asia Minor (Old Asia)…’, combined into one single continent. This area described is exactly the same size as the total area of ​​Indonesia (or sunken Sundaland) coupled with the vast South China Sea. According to Professor Santos, experts who generally come from the West, firmly believes that human civilization comes from their world. But reality shows that Atlantis is under the waters of Indonesia and not elsewhere.

Santos has been suspecting this for more than 20 years when he was looking at the sacred traditions of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Indian-American, Hindu, Buddhist, and Judeo-Christian and proposed they all had a common source. Although told in their own languages, it turns out that the terms and concepts used refered to the same things or events.

Santos concluded that the inhabitants of Atlantis consisted of several tribes or ethnic groups (and castes), but the main two largest tribes was the Aryans and Dravidians. These tribes had previously come from Africa much before and developed in that continent until their demise, 11600 years ago. Then, they spread throughout Europe, Asia and Australia to the East. In Indonesia they found the ideal natural conditions for growing and developing, which allowed for and fostered knowledge of agriculture, religion, arts, the domestication of animals and the creation of civilization as a system. All this development happened in the Pleistocene era, which ended 11600 years ago.

In the Ice Age, Atlantis was a tropical paradise with beautiful fields, great mountains, many precious stones, various types of metal, perfumes, rivers, lakes, artificial irrigation canals, agriculture of a very productive nature, golden palaces with walls of silver, and tin and elephants as well as a variety of other wildlife and beauties.

According to Prof. Santos, Indonesia is the only one country which is as rich and proficient in all nature as Plato describes and would fit to house Paradise back then. So he concluded the so searched and sought after Eden, or Atlantis was truly Indonesia.

When the disasters described above occurred, where the sea water rose as high as approximately 130 meters (400 feet), the inhabitants of Atlantis that survived were forced out and moved to India, Southeast Asia, China, Polynesia, and America through the Bering Strait.

Aryan tribes which migrated to India initially moved and settled in the Indus valley. Because the glaciers of the Himalayas also melted and caused flooding in the Indus valley, they eventually migrated further into Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, North Africa, and North Asia. In the new places they then attempted to redevelop the culture of Atlantis which is their cultural roots. For this reason, Atlantis permeates all of our cultures and wisdom, as well as being present in all myths and traditions, essentially.

The best record of the sinking of the continent of Atlantis was recorded in India through the sacred traditions in areas such as Lanka, Kumari Kandan, Tripura, and others. They are the inheritors of a culture that drowned. Dravidian tribes being darker-skinned remained in Indonesia.

749px-Kalinga_sea_routes.svgThis massive migration may explain the onset of sudden or instantaneous advanced technologies such as agriculture, processing of precious stones, metallurgy, religion, and above all, languages and alphabets, with great variety and complexity in the world, during the so-called Neolithic Revolution. Languages ​​around the world can be traced derived from Sanskrit and Dravidian. Therefore the languages ​​of the world are very advanced in light of grammar and semantics, because they derive from a very ancient story and bear advanced concepts as alphabets portray.

An example of great achievement, probably the major invention of all times, is the alphabet.
All the alphabets indicate a “fingerprint” of its origin, the Indies, or India, which at that time was an integral part of Indonesia.

Indonesians were born from the seeds of the civilization which later developed into the Indus Valley culture, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Hittite, Greek, Minoan, Crete, Rome, Incan, Mayan, Aztec, and others.

These cultures get to know the myths are very similar. Name Atlantis various tribes referred to as Tala, Attala, Patala, Talatala, Thule, Tollan, Aztlan, Tluloc, and others.

That is a summary of the theory of Professor Santos who want to prove that the lost continent of Atlantis was actually located in Indonesia.
Evidence corroborating Indonesia as Atlantis, compared to other alternative locations concluded Professor Santos in a matrix which he calls the ‘Checklist’ (please see here:

Regardless of whether or not this theory, or it can be proved or not future existence of Atlantis beneath the sea Indonesia, the theory of Professor Santos until now was able to attract the attention of people outside of Indonesia.

This theory is also prepared with arguments or proof sufficiently clear and strong. If anyone thought that the quality of Indonesian people are now completely “inconclusive” to be considered as the ancestor of the advanced nations that lowered it, then this is a process of advance or retreat of civilization that takes more than ten thousand years.


Small example, a comparison of the Malaysia and Indonesia; where 30 years ago they still learn from us, but now they are relatively already a few steps ahead of us.

Allah also says that human destiny is indeed He pergilirkan. The noble life (power) at a time will be stretched (the oppressed), and vice versa. “… And We mempergilirkan history prevailing among men ….” (Surah Al ‘Imran: 140) “And when it comes decision Us, We made that on top of being under ….” (Surah Hud: 82). This is the “Chakra Manggilingan”, or Wheel of Life that is constantly rotating.
Professor Santos is still going to continue to do more field research to obtain more evidence for his theory. Technological advances of today such as satellites capable of mapping the ocean floor, mini-submarines for research (as used to locate the ship ‘Titanic’), and various other sophisticated equipment he hoped would help find supporting evidence that is now thought to remain hidden on the seabed Indonesia.

What can be done by the government and people of Indonesia? How did the Indonesian experts and scientists from various disciplines respond to the theory that actually “lift” Indonesia to a very respectable position this? Namely Indonesia as the origin of civilization of nations around the world? and…

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