About the Quest for Atlantis

One more orthodox approach to Atlantis was always forbidden, what dowgraded it to a pseudo-science subject. However, with the newest findings, in special in Indonesia, the real story of lost Atlantis may turn from a legend into a key to our sacred and true history. All the facts, here separated from fiction and speculation, lead […]

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Atlantis was located in the East Indies. That, the real Paradise, was the true cradle of civilization. Atlantis-Indonesia is so the motherland of humanity as we know it. This region, called Sundaland, is the lost Paradise from all traditions. Mankind evolved in Africa in prehistory, but civilization was not fully developed there. This lost site […]

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We present the single most meaningful book on Atlantis, which is Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos’ last work. Following the same line of thought that made this homonymous website become the most popular in the category, having received many millions of visits within the past years, he explains in this book his Scientific Theory on […]