The origin of the red and white stripes in our Flag

All the flags in the world have one same origin.   They come from Atlantis and symbolize the Land of Atlantis. One land made of union and diversity.   This land was known as the Land of Waters, for they were seafarers and had a strategic portion of continental land.   In addition, it was […]

Evidences of Indonesian Atlantis location

  After a comprehensive research, the author discloses a new theory hypothesizes that the lost island and city of Atlantis is located in Java Sea, Indonesia, as written in a book Atlantis: The lost city is in Java Sea, published in April 2015. The works include over 5-year research and analysis of references as well as some site […]

New Arrivals! Atlantis clues are popping the world over.

New clues are pointing to the direction and more people are becoming benevolent to our project. We have so many people to thank! Works of Danny Hilman and Dhani Irwanto in english are here to continue Professor Santos inauguration and give his seminal thoey on Indonesian Atlantis a boost. Different than the uncompromised work of […]

Guanche language derived from Dravida?

introduction observation: In what follows, we provide linguistic evidence that the Guanche language is very likely of Dravidian derivation, and not indeed Hamito-Semitic, as usually stated. The present article is intended to be read in connection with the one entitled: The Mysterious Origin of the Guanches, which also figures in the present Homepage. It is […]