Professor Arysio Santos and the finding of Atlantis

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I first came upon the name of Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos, which is often shortened to Prof. Arysio Santos, back in 2002 after I had returned to Wales from Tenerife. I had become fascinated with the Guanche people, who were the original inhabitants of Tenerife and the other Canary Islands, as well as the strange Dragon Trees (Dracaena draco ) that grow here. I had been searching for information online and soon came upon Prof. Santos and his website about Atlantis. The Canary Islands are believed by many to be all that is left of Atlantis and this is confirmed in the books of Colonel James Churchward, however, Arysio did not agree with this and had come up with a discovery he believed was where the true location of Atlantis was. I became his friend and we exchanged very many emails. Prof. Santos, who was trained in academic science and was a professor of nuclear physics in Brazil, told me he had originally started his research into Atlantis as a sceptic and unbeliever but having researched throughly into world religions, occult traditions, geology and word derivations he had become convinced it was very very real indeed. It became a mission of his to get the knowledge that Atlantis was real out to this crazy world.

Atlantis book by Prof. Arysio Santos

Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found
Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found

Atlantis the lost continent

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

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New theory about Atlantis

He had a completely new theory – that Atlantis could not be found because everyone had been looking in the wrong place and that Plato’s work on the subject had been misunderstood. Arysio believed that the true location of Atlantis was in the area of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. The Indonesian islands are all that is left of it. He also felt that India was one of its nearest and many colonies and that the holy books known as the Vedas and the Hindu religion are based on and in Atlantis. The professor also believed that many other religious ceremonies such as baptism were memories of Atlantis and how it perished under the seas. Arysio thought that that Guanche language was derived from Dravidian and set out a very good case proving this by comparing Dravidian words with those of the Guanche tongue – many are nearly identical. He had also written on The Mysterious Origin of the Guanches. He believed that the “Golden Age” and the Garden of Eden and “Paradise” were all memories of Atlantis as it once was and that after its destruction the survivors had to begin again and had lost all their technological advances and were reduced to a very primitive way of living. His idea was that Atlantis was destroyed following a cataclysmic volcanic eruption and tsunami that shook the entire world. He told me once that he thought it might have been triggered deliberately in nuclear war by these ancient people who lived on Atlantis and he was praying this was not going to be the fate of the world again. Arysio asked me if I thought we could collaborate in putting a book together for the European or American market, a book that would be condensed from all of his research work that spanned over 20 years of time. His work covered so many fields of knowledge and also speculated on the Atlanteans as being brilliant genetic scientists who had created plants we have today including most of those that have entheogenic or other drug properties. As I said, his work covered so many fields such as geology, linguistics, climatology, anthropology, archaeology and included botany, a subject I was very interested in myself. I agreed to help put a book together but having made several starts on it I had to admit defeat. I told Arysio that I simply could not find a way of linking all the pieces of the massive jigsaw together and keep it within one volume and make it a work that a publisher would be likely to take on. He understood my difficulty completely. I carried on corresponding and joined the forums for his website and eventually I was delighted to find that he had at last found someone to help put that book together and had got it published. I knew this was part of his mission in life to get that book out there. I moved from Wales to Tenerife back at the end of 2004 and lost personal touch to a large degree with Arysio but I was still keeping up to date on his forums but sadly the site got hacked and the forums were lost. I just had cause to go to his site today and very sadly found that my friend Prof. Arysio Santos has passed away and an announcement to this effect had been posted on the site earlier this year. I am writing this hub as a sort of tribute to a very great man, who was a true pioneer when it came to alternative history of this planet, and a man whose work needs to be looked at if you are interested in the mystery of Atlantis. Prof. Arysio Santos believed he had solved that mystery. For more info: There is a very interesting and in depth interview with Frank Joseph Hoff – Prof. Arysio Santos’ Understudy, Researcher & Business Agent until his untimely death on September 09, 2005, that can be listened to on the following link: Copyright © 2010 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

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