NEW Articles are being posted to the site.

NEW Articles are being posted to this website as we reach a decisive point in our objective.

We are excited to inform that our new WordPressed website is up and running. This will allow us to post some material that has been waiting for the opportunity. As this new version of the site intends to be more friendly, it might reach a broaden audience. Our real idea is, however, to provide a set of articles and other material as to help the reader in his quest for the truth.

Our Atlantis Library grows with the help of all readers and supporters. To help putting together the more than two hundred articles and some twenty unpublished books we are rushing. We believe this material will help solving the puzzle of Atlantis once and for all!

This was Prof. Santos Legacy which we intend to put out. Resulting from thirty years of his devotion, we owe him this project. (Of course, as we are talking about serious stuff, do not expect finding anything of a mystical nature here. We only deal with science, so our collaborators do not need to be scientists, but are resctricted to use the scientific method.)



To participate and make a change in the world, get together and get in touch. We will be happy to provide any information on our new projects. Be welcome to read our new articles as they are posted along with the new investment.

With the help of Frank Joseph Hoff, the people and the Government of Indonesia, as well as all Atlantis Seeking team out there, we are about to accomplish our task: It is a motive to burst in happiness, seeing that our new structure is born. And it seems to be good. We only need you to join it, now.

We have had millions of visitors in the past. Most serious sesearcher knows our message. We now are providing what has been missing, the completion of Arysio’s Works Library. These lost pieces of the puzzle encompass all we need to find Atlantis and to rebuid it. Our Paradise Lost, yes, can and will be rebuilt. So, it is big stuff, what we are doing here!

We are very happy with the response so far and the aids we are obtaining. We must say that the chances we will see Atlantis rising in our lifetime increases every day. We will be enabling posts and comments in a near future, as well as facebook integration, so we reach whoever is interested in understanding the occult traditions.

More and more people are vexed of our erroneous past and posture and are now setting for a rebuild of Human History. Truth must be known, and it seems it will. The real story of the “lost” civilizations will be known and we believe the moral of tradition will raise again. It seems the time is now.


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