Evidences of Indonesian Atlantis location

  After a comprehensive research, the author discloses a new theory hypothesizes that the lost island and city of Atlantis is located in Java Sea, Indonesia, as written in a book Atlantis: The lost city is in Java Sea, published in April 2015. The works include over 5-year research and analysis of references as well as some site […]

Step Pyramids of East Asia

    What is a Step Pyramid? A step pyramid or stepped pyramid is an architectural structure that uses flat platforms, or steps, receding from the ground up, to achieve a completed shape similar to a geometric pyramid. Step pyramids are structures which characterized several cultures throughout history, in several locations throughout the world. These […]

The location of Atlantis

Most Atlantologists have sited Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. And the rest, with a few exceptions, have placed the lost continent in the Mediterianean (Thera) or in the Black Sea regioin (Kertch). Even disregarding the fact that the failure to find any traces of a lost continent in any one of these regions demonstrates that […]

New Arrivals! Atlantis clues are popping the world over.

New clues are pointing to the direction and more people are becoming benevolent to our project. We have so many people to thank! Works of Danny Hilman and Dhani Irwanto in english are here to continue Professor Santos inauguration and give his seminal thoey on Indonesian Atlantis a boost. Different than the uncompromised work of […]