Riddle of Lemuria

Watch “Riddle of Lemuria” featuring Frank Hoff!

Update: Watch “Riddle of Lemuria” featuring Frank Joseph Hoff! Frank Joseph Hoff will be a guest on Beyond Belief with George Noory. Watch his interview premiering on Gaiam TV on July 22nd. After the premiere date, the show will always be available on Gaiam TV. http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/riddle-lemuria-frank-joseph-hoff?cid=aff:amb:sg:noory:jhoff:al000   About Gaiam TV: Gaiam TV is a paid service offering […]

Submerged Atlantis Ruins

Posted on June 23, 2014 by Have you ever seen a map showing the bronze age port cities of the world? You certainly have not, because the darwinists will tell you sea level at circa 2000 B.C. was little different than today, yet the presence of hundreds of submerged ruins’ sites from the Gulf of […]