Atlantis of the East?

Posted in: Bali travel guide | Tags: Atlantis, diving | By: Shermine | August 19, 2013   A drowned civilization, a tale of a city lost beneath the choppy waves. This is the stuff of myth and legends… but wait! Have divers found what could possibly be the Atlantis of the East? Off the coast of Bali, 100 feet beneath the sea level, […]

Submerged Atlantis Ruins

Posted on June 23, 2014 by Have you ever seen a map showing the bronze age port cities of the world? You certainly have not, because the darwinists will tell you sea level at circa 2000 B.C. was little different than today, yet the presence of hundreds of submerged ruins’ sites from the Gulf of […]

The Discovery of Atlantis

What would the discovery of the Lost City and Continent of Atlantis do for “The Power of Culture in Sustainable Development” if it were to turn-up in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia? What could we learn from our ancient ancestors from remotest antiquity? What would the impact of such a discovery be on our youth and all of humanity? Perhaps just a little or perhaps a whole lot? Thousands of books and papers have already been written on Atlantis since its reality was first disclosed by the great philosopher Plato, some two and a half millennia ago. Hence, one may well wonder whether …Read more »