Atlantis of the East?

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Drowned World - Underwater Temple Garden


A drowned civilization, a tale of a city lost beneath the choppy waves. This is the stuff of myth and legends… but wait! Have divers found what could possibly be the Atlantis of the East?

Off the coast of Bali, 100 feet beneath the sea level, divers have discovered what appears to be the ruins of an exotic lost temple.

The statues of gods stand silently still, guarding the temple gateway as the currents drift overhead. A bed of corals have lent themselves to decorating this underwater garden. The silent pulse of the water and the mystical statues hint at an exciting discovery indeed.

What is this place? Is it really a city lost beneath the waves?

Well, this is actually the site of the Underwater Temple Garden, which was purposely ‘sunk’ in 2005 by British diver Paul Turley to entertain the customers of his diving school in Pemuteran and also as a spot for marine conservation. Local fishermen help to maintain the corals nearby.

A lost civilization it may not be, but it still makes for an excellent diving spot which you can visit whilst you’re in Bali.  With a little imagination, it is not hard to feel like you’re diving a real sunken city.

And who knows, there might just be a real lost treasure nearby to discover…

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