Riddle of Lemuria

Watch “Riddle of Lemuria” featuring Frank Hoff!

Update: Watch “Riddle of Lemuria” featuring Frank Joseph Hoff! Frank Joseph Hoff will be a guest on Beyond Belief with George Noory. Watch his interview premiering on Gaiam TV on July 22nd. After the premiere date, the show will always be available on Gaiam TV. http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/riddle-lemuria-frank-joseph-hoff?cid=aff:amb:sg:noory:jhoff:al000   About Gaiam TV: Gaiam TV is a paid service offering […]

Guanche language derived from Dravida?

introduction observation: In what follows, we provide linguistic evidence that the Guanche language is very likely of Dravidian derivation, and not indeed Hamito-Semitic, as usually stated. The present article is intended to be read in connection with the one entitled: The Mysterious Origin of the Guanches, which also figures in the present Homepage. It is […]