The true History of Atlantis II

    Plato was very specific that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean which took it’s name because it was deemed the “Ocean of the Atlanteans”.  Hence, Mediterranean locations such as Troy, Crete (Thera), Carthage, the Bosphorus, etc., automatically disqualify as the site of Atlantis.  However, one should carefully recall that what the ancients […]

The origin of the red and white stripes in our Flag

All the flags in the world have one same origin.   They come from Atlantis and symbolize the Land of Atlantis. One land made of union and diversity.   This land was known as the Land of Waters, for they were seafarers and had a strategic portion of continental land.   In addition, it was […]

Early Americas and Sundaland – The Dark Earth Connection

  It has been announced recently that some soils from rain forests thought to be virgin, are not. Such is the case with Amazon Jungle, thought to be pristine, but now in the wake of the great dry periods and deforestation, ewe can conclude and demonstrate they were never so. The Pre Colombian Indians and […]